Criminal Law

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • City, State and Federal Charges

If you have been accused of wrongdoing, you will need the assistance of a reputable criminal law attorney. Don’t wait until your court date is near to get the help you require. You can’t be expected to know the nuances of the law. By consulting an experienced lawyer, you will give yourself a better chance of getting the fair trial or settlement agreement you deserve. When you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact The Riddell Law Group for help.

Why You Need a Criminal Law Attorney

The law is complex, and only trained professionals are equipped to handle criminal law cases. Most crimes are state crimes, so having extensive knowledge of criminal law at a state level is vital. Because laws vary among the states, getting local representation is particularly important.

You certainly have the legal right to represent yourself, but you will not do yourself justice if you do. That is why even legal professionals hire others to represent themselves. You need an unbiased and specialized lawyer to provide you with the best possible defense for your case.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation. Here are a few ways to prepare for a consultation with a criminal law attorney:

  • Bring Documents – Be sure to bring along any documents that might be relevant to your case. Have all of your contact information available. Bring any court papers that show your next court date and a description of the charges. Take your bail documents to the consultation. Bring any paperwork provided to you by law enforcement, including a police report if you have one.
  • Have Evidence With You – If you have any evidence related to the case and can safely bring it with you, do that. This could include photos, videos, documents, and any objects that might be used as evidence.
  • Take Notes With You – Summarize any facts and dates that pertain to your case. If you have questions, write them down beforehand so that you can ask them during the meeting.
  • Outline Your Account of the Event – Write down your account of the incident in your own words. Be completely honest, and provide any details of your background that you think may relate to the case.
  • Fill Out a Questionnaire if Applicable – If you are provided with a questionnaire before your consultation, fill it out as thoroughly as possible. This will save time for both you and your attorney.

What a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do

A criminal defense attorney can help you during pre-trial and trial processes. Before the trial, your lawyer may assist you during the investigation period, as well as after charges have been filed. Your attorney might be able to get the charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. During the trial, your lawyer can advise you based on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You lawyer will be able to discuss the implications of a guilty plea, as well as a plea bargain if that is available.

The thought of hiring a lawyer might seem overwhelming, but our firm is here to help you. Contact The Riddell Law Group for a free initial consultation. We take pride in helping good people navigate tough circumstances. We are located on Queen Street in Martinsburg, WV.

Our rates are competitive, and we provide reasonably structured payment plans. You can contact us seven days per week, 24 hours per day. Reach out to our practice today, and tell us how we might help you.